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Supporting Industry

​​NRCS consults widely and attempts to involve all stakeholders and especially industry in the development of new compulsory specifications and amendments.

By administering compulsory specifications effectively and eliminating unfair competition NRCS provides industry with a level playing field with regard to health, safety and environmental protection, as well as a structured and consistent regulatory environment.

Small and medium enterprises are governed by the same regulations which are aligned with international norms, and are thereby encouraged to achieve globally acceptable standards for their products.

NRCS makes every effort to align new regulations with international requirements, thus assisting local industry to become competitive internationally.

In many cases SARS (Customs and Excise) require evidence that regulated products have been approved by NRCS before releasing consignments at the port of entry. NRCS issues the necessary Letters of Authority that enables compliant products to be imported and offered for sale.