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​Protecting The Consumer

NRCS enforces minimum safety and environmental requirements for:

  • Frozen marine products (fish, shellfish, crustaceans) and canned and processed meat and fish
  • Vehicles and aftermarket vehicle components including tyres
  • Electrical and electronic products and components
  • Buildings and construction materials
  • Disinfectants
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Firearms and shooting ranges
  • Plastic bags

NRCS also enforces regulations under the Trade Metrology Act, ensuring that the most common measurements used in trade transactions (mass, length, volume, number) are reliable, and that measuring instruments are reliable and accurate.

Sampling, inspecting and testing products, auditing of manufacturing and other processes, and examination of documentary evidence are used to assess compliance with compulsory standards and regulations. Every effort is made to assist manufacturers, importers, business and commerce in general, to meet these standards, which are, wherever possible, aligned to corresponding international requirements. This assists local industry to become globally competitive and facilitates international trade by removing unnecessary barriers.

A variety of sanctions are applied where products and services do not meet these minimum standards. These range from stopping the sale of non-conforming products, to seizure, destruction and prosecution of offenders.

NRCS deals with complaints from any party regarding any of the regulated products and services, and supplies information to stakeholders and the public on all these issues.

Most compulsory specifications are available as free downloads at​ Compulsory Specifications