​Electrotechnical Overview


ELECTROTECHNICAL ensures the safety and energy efficiency of electrical and electronic apparatus, components and related products offered for sale in South Africa. The safety and environmental requirements are based on internationally accepted standards. It is appointed by the National Department of Labour as the approvals body for electrical products and components of domestic and industrial low voltage electrical installations. 

ELECTROTECHNICAL also administers a compulsory specification for the control of gaming devices and related apparatus. The compulsory specification sets compulsory requirements for safety, fairness, security and reliability of gaming and bookmaking apparatus. It is appointed to perform these functions in terms of the National Gambling Act (Act No 7 of 2004).​​​

List of VC’s and Regulated Products

VC 8003_2015.pdfVC 8003_2015Compulsory specification for manually operated switches for fixed installations9/18/2015
VC 8006 (2010).pdfVC 8006 (2010)Compulsory specification for safety of flexible cords for electrical appliances11/19/2010
VC 8008 (2010).pdfVC 8008 (2010)Compulsory specification for plugs, socket-outlets and socket-outlet adaptors11/19/2010
VC8011.pdfVC8011Compulsory specification for lamp holders3/31/2017
VC 8011 correction notice 2018.pdfVC 8011 correction notice 2018Supplement to VC801110/26/2018
VC8012(1-sided).pdfVC8012(1-sided)Compulsory specification for appliance couplers11/19/2010
VC9105.pdfVC9105Compulsory specification for electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery9/30/2016
VC8029.pdfVC8029Compulsory specification for cord sets and cord extension sets2/3/2012
VC8035.pdfVC8035Compulsory specification for earth leakage protection units10/16/1987
VC 8036.pdfVC 8036Compulsory specification for circuit-breakers10/23/2015
vc 8039_2010.pdfvc 8039_2010Compulsory specification for The safety of starters for tubular fluorescent lamps11/19/2010
Supplement_VC9087.pdfSupplement_VC9087Supplement for Compulsory specification for the lamp control gear7/11/2008
VC8043.pdfVC8043Compulsory specification for incandescent lamps2/7/2014
vc 8052_2010.pdfvc 8052_2010Compulsory specification for manually operated switches for appliances11/19/2010
Supplement_VC8055.pdfSupplement_VC8055Supplement to VC805510/31/2014
VC9087.pdfVC9087Compulsory specification for the lamp control gear2/6/2009
VC 9091.pdfVC 9091Compulsory specification for single-capped fluorescent lamps 5/23/2014
VC8055.pdfVC8055Compulsory specification for electrical and electronic apparatus2/6/2009
VC8075_2017.pdfVC8075_2017Compulsory specification for the safety of electric cables with extruded solid dielectric insulation for fixed installations (300/500 V to 1 900/3 300 V)8/18/2017
VC8077_2017.pdfVC8077_2017Compulsory specification for safety of medium-voltage electric cables3/31/2017
VC9006.pdfVC9006Compulsory specification for hot water storage tanks5/16/2014
VC8079.pdfVC8079Compulsory specification for the control of gaming devices and related apparatus11/10/2003
VC9008.pdfVC9008Supplement to VC900811/28/2014
sup-VC9006.pdfsup-VC9006Supplement to VC90068/16/2014

​LOA Application Process and Forms

Database of Approved Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is needed to apply for an LoA for my product?

A. Full safety test reports coming from accredited testing facility and not older than 36 months.

Q. Do my products needs an LoA?

A. Check the list of Compulsory Specifications on the NRCS website to see which products fall within the scope of Compulsory Specifications.

Q. Is CE certificate accepted by SA regulatory?

A. No, only full safety test reports coming from the accredited test laboratory and not older than 36

months are accepted.

Q. Is EN test reports accepted?

A. No, unless they are accompanied by the declaration report, declaring the equivalence of standards


Q. Who do I contact for Levies?

A. NRCS Finance Business Unit.

Q. How long does it takes to process a LoA application?

A. LoA applications are processed within 120 calendar days.

Q. How much does LoA cost?

A. Updated fees are gazetted annually and available on the NRCS website. ​

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