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Chemical, Mechanical and Material Overview

​The Chemical, Mechanical, and Materials Business Unit are responsible for the regulation of Compulsory Specifications that fall within the scope of various industry sectors. These include personal protective equipment, firearms, and shootin​g ranges, flame-producing devices, health-related products, construction materials, cement, and products that affect the environment including plastic bags.

Approval and Inspection

The Approval Process

Each model (or family) of products covered by the scope of VCs require to be approved by the regulator before they enter the South African market. Approvals are conducted in accordance with the relevant policies and procedures. The regulator deploys a risk-based approach and evaluates the evidence of conformity submitted with the application for approval, only granting approval when the requirements of the relevant VCs have been met. The evidence of conformity includes a valid test report, issued by an appropriately accredited body.

The Role of Inspectors

Market surveillance inspectors, deriving their powers from the NRCS Act, Act 5 of 2008, as amended, conduct inspections on the market to verify compliance to the requirements of the relevant VCs. Where non-compliant products are found on the market, the inspectors are empowered to issue the appropriate sanctions in accordance with the enabling legislation to prevent such products from entering the market, thus protecting the health and safety of consumers.

The Inspection Process

In the process of conducting inspections, samples of products may be taken from the market for testing or to be kept as evidence. The sampled products are tested at the Third Party Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies to verify compliance. The inspection process may include but is not limited to, the verification of the approval status of the products in question, conducting visual inspections in accordance with the requirements of the VC, verification of levies due to the regulator, and the evaluation of any relevant documentation that may be requested by the inspector, to assess conformity with the requirements.

List of VC's OF Regulated Products

VC# Title Download
VC8073 Compulsory specification for breathing apparatus Download
VC9085 Compulsory specification for cement Download
VC8072 Compulsory specification for respirators Download
VC9089-2013 Compulsory specification for non-pressure paraffin stoves and heaters Download
VC8087-2013 Compulsory specification for plastic carrier bags and flat bags Download
VC8041-B Technical File for microbiological safety cabinets Download
VC8076(1-sided) Compulsory specification for the safety of lighters Download
VC9002-2015 The Compulsory Specification For Personal Protective Equipment: Safety Footwear Download
VC8028 Compulsory specification for firearms for civil use Download
VC 8054 Compulsory specification for disinfectants and detergent-disinfectants - B Download
VC8054 Compulsory specification for disinfectants and detergent-disinfectants Download
VC9003 Compulsory specification safety glass and other safety glazing materials Download
VC9088 Compulsory specification for small arms shooting ranges Download
VC9092-2009 Introduction of a Compulsory Specification for Preservative Treatment of Timber Download
VC9090 Amendment to the Compulsory Specification for Personal Flotation Aids Download
VC9002 VC9002-Compulsory specification for personal protective equipment: safety footwear Download
VC9088-2015 Amendment of the Compulsory Specification for Small Arms Shooting Ranges - VC 9088 Download
VC9093 Compulsory specification for pressurised paraffin appliances Download
VC8034 Compulsory specification for coal-burning stoves and heaters for use in a dwelling - Withdrawn 2014 Download
VC8032-A Compulsory specification for personal flotation aids Download
VC8041 Compulsory specification for microbiological safety cabinets (Classes I, II and III) Download
VC8041-A Sales Permit for microbiological safety cabinets Download
VC8076-B Technical file for cigarette lighters Download
VC8072-2011 Amendment of the Compulsory Specification for Respiratory Protective Devices and Withdrawal of the Compulsory Specification for Breathing Apparatus Download
VC8076-A Application for the homlogation of cigarette lighters Download
VC8076-C Application for the homlogation of a lighter type Download

LOA and Application FORMS

Form Download
CMM FM 8054-2-2021 - Technical file for chemical disinfectants Download
CMM FM 8072-1 Download
CMM FM 9003-2-2018 - Technical file for a type of safety glazing material Download
CMM FM 8054-6-2021 - COP and routine tests Download
Approval of non-pressure paraffin stoves & heaters -CMM Download
CMM FM 9003-5-2018 - COP & routine tests Download
CMM FM 9003-4-2018 - Test report requirements for safety glazing materials Download
CMM FM 8054-4-2021 - Application for the modification or extension of registration of a chemical disinfectant formulation Download
CMM FM 9003-1 Download
CMM FM 8072-3-2012 Download
Homologation of respiratory protective devices CMM Download
CMM FM 8072-5-2012 Download
CMM FM 8054-1 Download
CMM FM 8054-5-2019 - Test reports for chemical disinfectants Download
Homologation of lighters CMM Download
Approval of plastic carrier bags & flat bags - CMM Download
CMM FM 8072-7-2012 - Application for the extension of approval of a type of RPD Download
CMM FM 9003-7-2018 - Laminated safety glass Download
Approval of cement - CMM Download
Registration of disinfectants & detergent-disinfectants -CMM Download
CMM FM 9003-9-2018 - Safety plastics Download
CMM FM 9088-2-2012 - Application for the approval of a SR — Outdoor range Download
Approval of swimming aids - CMM Download
CMM FM 8072-2-2012 Download
CMM FM 9003-8-2018 - Organic coated safety glass Download
Approval of Shooting Ranges -CMM Download
CMM FM 8072-6-2012 Download
CMM FM 8072-4-2012 - Test Reports Download
CMM FM 8054-3-2021 - Application for the registration of a chemical disinfectant formulation Download
CMM FM 9003-6-2018 - Toughened safety glass Download
Approval of Personal Floatation Devices - CMM Download
CMM FM 9088-1-2012 - Application for the approval of a SR — Indoor range Download

Database of Approved Products

Title​​ Download
LOA Database of Construction Materials Download
Chemical Disinfectants Registration Database 2001-2008 Download
Respiratory Protective Devices Approval Database Download
Chemical Disinfectants Registration Database 2009-2020 Download
Safety Footwear Approval Database Download

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in order to monitor and enforce compliance with this Act and, subject to the conditions of his or her appointment, an inspector may at any reasonable time and without prior notice enter any premises, other than a private dwelling, in or upon which

(a)  an article in respect of which there is a compulsory specification, is

(i)  manufactured or sold;

(ii)  stored or used in the course of any business; or

(iii) stored for any purpose in connection with the import or export of the commodity or product;

(b)  any manufacture, sale, use or storage is reasonably suspected; or

(c)  any records with regard to the import, manufacture or sale of an article referred to in

paragraph (a) or (b) are kept.​

There are application forms that you need to complete and submit to NRCS together with the proof of payment and required documentation that are specified on forms​​

No, you get the LoA certificate first, and then import products.​

Yes, as long as the laboratory is accredited by a body that is a member of ILAC.​

Commodities have different validity periods​

Updated fees are gazetted annually and available on the NRCS website.​

Yes. If assistance is required, the relevant inspectors can be contacted for appointments. ​

From SABS Standards Sales.​

NRCS approval is compulsory and SABS certification is voluntarily.​

All products covered under the scope of a Compulsory Specifications shall comply with the requirements in South Africa. NRCS will therefore assess compliance to the relevant specifications.​

Application forms are obtainable from the NRCS website, can be emailed or faxed and or can be collected at all NRCS offices.​​

The lists are obtainable on the NRCS website or can be requested from the Business Unit. ​​


Title Download
Chemical, Mechanical and Material return 18A - TYPE 5 Download
Chemical mechanical materials - 19B Download
CMM_15A_return Download
Chemical, mechanical and materials return 16B Download
Chemical, mechanical and materials return 17B Type 5 Download
Chemical, mechanical & materials - 19A Download
Chemical, mechanical and materials return 17A Download
CMM_15B return Download
Chemical, mechanical and materials return 17B Download
Chemical, mechanical & materials 18B Download
Chemical, mechanical and materials return 16A Download
Chemical, Mechanical and Material return 18A Download

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