​The Chemical, Mechanical, and Materials Business Unit are responsible for the regulation of Compulsory Specifications that fall within the scope of various industry sectors. These include personal protective equipment, firearms and shootin​g ranges, flame-producing devices, health-related products, construction materials, cement, and products that affect the environment including plastic bags. ​​




LOA ​​Application Process​


Database of Approved Products​

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can an inspector do an inspection without making an appointment?

A. Yes, in order to monitor and enforce compliance with this Act and, subject to the conditions of his or her appointment, an inspector may at any reasonable time and without prior notice enter any premises, other than a private dwelling, in or upon which

  1. (a)  an article in respect of which there is a compulsory specification, is

    1. (i)  manufactured or sold;

    2. (ii)  stored or used in the course of any business; or

    (iii) stored for any purpose in connection with the import or export of the

    commodity or product;

  2. (b)  any manufacture, sale, use or storage is reasonably suspected; or

  3. (c)  any records with regard to the import, manufacture or sale of an article referred to in

    paragraph (a) or (b) are kept.

Q. What is the process to obtain an NRCS LoA?

A. There are application forms that you need to complete and submit to NRCS together with the proof of payment and required documentation that are specified on forms​

Q. Can I import products into the country and then apply for an LoA?

A. No, you get the LoA certificate first, and then import products.

Q. Will NRCS accept test reports from laboratories outside of South Africa?

A. Yes, as long as the laboratory is accredited by a body that is a member of ILAC.

Q. What is the period of validity of the LoA?

A. Commodities have different validity periods

Q. How much is the application fee?

A. Updated fees are gazetted annually and available on the NRCS website.

Q. Can NRCS assist with the completion of the application forms?

A. Yes. If assistance is required, the relevant inspectors can be contacted for appointments. 

Q. Where can I get the Standards referenced in the Compulsory Specifications?

A. From SABS Standards Sales.

Q. If my product has the SABS certification, why do I need to have NRCS approval? 

A. NRCS approval is compulsory and SABS certification is voluntarily. ​

Q. My product meets international standards, why should they be subjected to NRCS approval? 

A. All products covered under the scope of a Compulsory Specifications shall comply with the

requirements in South Africa. NRCS will therefore assess compliance to the relevant specifications.

Q. Where can I obtain application forms?

A. Application forms are obtainable from the NRCS website, can be emailed or faxed and or can be

collected at all NRCS offices.

Q. Where can I obtain a list of approved products?

A. The lists are obtainable on the NRCS website or can be requested from the Business Unit. ​




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